Andrew Bird - Break It Yourself - CD | LP


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CD Wallet with Booklet Insert or 2xLP 180 gram vinyl gatefold. Both include Digital Download.

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01. Desperation Breeds
02. Polynation
03. Danse Caribe
04. Give It Away
05. Eyeoneye
06. Lazy Projector
07. Near Death Experience Experience
08. Behind The Barn
09. Lusitania
10. Orpheo Looks Back
11. Sifters
12. Fatal Shore
13. Hole In The Ocean Floor
14. Belles

Break It Yourself is the sixth studio album by singer-songwriter Andrew Bird. The album was released in 2012 and features acclaimed tracks like "Eyeoneye" and "Lusitania," which is a duet with Annie Clark of St. Vincent. Upon release, the album was lauded by Pitchfork as "a piece of music no one else could have made, on an album no one else could have made," giving the album a 7.5 rating. The album is available on 180g 2xLP with a vinyl gatefold. It is also available on CD. Both formats come with a free instant digital download.